We love our city and the many awesome community efforts working to make it better. In the two years since Old School has been around, we’ve had the chance to do some neat things with a few of them:


  • Dara of Albuquerque Herbalism teaches our Herbalism offerings as well as Kitchen Cosmetics.
  • Amylee of Inspired Birth & Families teaches Lacto-Fermentation, Traditional Foods, and our Homebirth Survey.
  • Chuck of Veggiegrower Gardens teaches our Gardening and Composting classes. Check out his resin and wood urban gardens for year-round growing.
  • Aryon of Update Content and A/WAY taught our ‘new school’ Website & Blog making classes.
  • Quelab members put on the Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire where Old School participated in 2013 with a bleach-painting fashion booth. And Quelab will be hosting our Rocket Mass Heater class on 3/22!
  • Farm & Table restaurant hosted our Cheesemaking class as part of Women in Creativity, a series of events every March coordinated by Creative Albuquerque. (March 10, 2012)
  • We dined with and presented at Transition UNM‘s kickoff pot-luck. The Transition initiative encourages communities to move towards less dependence on fossil fuel, including re-skilling. Transition UNM was started by students in UNM’s Sustainability Studies program. (November 3, 2011)
  • We hosted students from East Mountain High School for a day of learning bread-baking, cheese-making, and solar-oven cooking and design, as one of the school’s yearly Discovery Projects.
  • There’s no question the Downtown Grower’s Market is the place to be for local food, arts & crafts, music, and fun. We like to set up a table at the market a few times a season.
  • We’ve been a part of the Local Food Festival and Field Day since 2011. The fest has so much great food and resources, we have trouble staying at our own booth. We’ve been honored to do some of the free workshops and we look forward to it every year as our favorite harvest season event!