Where are you located?
Old School’s classes are hosted at venues around Albuquerque, mostly in the Downtown and UNM areas, and a few in the South Valley. Here’s more info on our venues, including maps.

Is Old School affiliated with Albuquerque Mennonite Church?
Nope. Maggie, Old School’s founder, is a member of the church, but the school is not affiliated with any religion. The church, though, is very supportive of Old School and its mission, as Mennonites (cousins to the Amish religion) are a very frugal bunch.

Who are the teachers at Old School?
Teachers are local folks who have been living with their skill for at least a year, long enough to pass through lots of trial and error. Some are certified experts in their fields. They all have the desire to share hands-on experience with beginners and troubleshoot with more advanced students. If you’re interested in teaching, please contact us!

Do you have group rates?
Yes. If you have a group of 8 or more, let us know and we’ll offer you a discount.

Would you hold a special class for my group, club, or event?
Yes! We’d be happy to arrange a class for your club, homeschool group, conference, or just your group of friends, provided your group and our teacher can find a good time to hold it. Check out the collaborations we’ve already had. Contact us and we can talk details.

Do you offer childcare? [Updated Dec 2011]
Depends on the venue. The churches we rent from have daycare or nursery areas that can accommodate kids. For classes held at those locations, we offer subsidized childcare if you request it at least one week beforehand. See more on our Childcare page.

Why aren’t these classes free?
We charge money for classes because teachers and childcare providers get paid, we have to pay for rent and supplies, and we have to maintain our website and pay our own rent. Also, 10% of proceeds are donated to charity.

Why do you require pre-payment?
When we started, we were much more casual about payments, but we learned quickly that we needed the commitment from students that comes with pre-payment. But we still keep it old school— for those who truly cannot pay online (no credit card or bank accounts, deathly fear of PayPal, no internet access), we will manually register folks who call us on the telephone with the details of their payment.

Who are you?
Old School is run by Leila Salim, who helped Maggie Shepard -Old School’s founder and mastermind- kick off the project in 2011. We both teach a bit: Maggie teaches Women Only and Homemade Deodorant, Leila teaches Greywater Recapture, Non-Dairy Milks, Hummus/Dolmas/Pita, and Homemade Toothpaste. Leila is often out and about, taking classes, answering questions, and meeting you at local events like the farmer’s market. We’ll let you know what events we attend on our facebook and twitter feeds.

I have another question
Feel free to contact us at any time. Online/email is best, but you can call Leila at 505-926-1280.