Do you love working in the kitchen to feed your family well? Do you HATE working in the kitchen to feed your family well? Do you struggle to feed your family well on a budget? Do your kids complain about what you make? Do you wish you made more from scratch but don’t think you have the time? Would you like to spend LESS time cooking while still feeling great about what you serve? Or do you just need some new, creative ideas to keep you motivated and inspired? This is the weekend for you! Join us for one or all of the following classes:

“I Don’t Like That!” – Getting Kids to Eat
Beyond Pickles
Beyond Yogurt
Crock Pot Love
Freezer Meals and Pantry Staples
Potluck Lunch – FREE! Bring Recipes!
Twists on Treats, Lunches and More
Menu Planning and Pantry Staples
Round Table/Panel Discussion – FREE!
Primer on Traditional Foods and the work of Weston Price

The entire weekend is valued at $130. Come take any and all of the classes, when you register for the whole workshop, for just $89. Over 30% off!

Or join in for just a class or two. We strongly encourage pre-registrations and pre-payments, as some classes will fill. We encourage you to come without kids, as we cannot have them in the workshop rooms. BUT we don’t want you to miss out on something you REALLY want to attend due to childcare. If this is the case, please contact us about options.

Walk-in spots are space available only and an additional $5 per class!

There is a Facebook event set up for the weekend. Join in there for pre-weekend recipes, ideas, tips, updates and more.

This series is offered through Inspired Birth & Families.

Location: Albuquerque Mennonite Church 1300 Girard Blvd NE

Register for the series or individual classes here.