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Upcoming Classes

Canning Kitchen Cosmetics
Herbalism Rocket Mass Heater


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Homemade Solar Panels Portable Solar Powered LED lights Backyard Chickens Seed Sprouting Toothpaste & Mouthwash Water Kefir Container Gardening Candlemaking Beekeeping Solar Oven Design Bread Baking Soap Making Introduction to Permaculture Hummus and Pita Greywater Recapture Homemade Kombucha


Past Classes

We offer many of these classes over and over again. Let us know if you have a strong urge for one and we can see about repeating it.

Beer Brewing Cheesemaking Natural Pest Management Winemaking Winter Gardening Fall Gardening Mushrooms Horsemanship Composting Lacto-Fermentation Culturing Milk (yogurt, kefir, cheese) Buttermilk Extravaganza Embroidery Composting Toilet Workshop Emergency Preparedness Condiment Celebration Don Schrader Food Dehydration Homebirth Survey Hummus, Dolmas, and More Intro to Traditional Food Knitting & Crochet Quilting Series Seasonal Cooking Sewing Sock Darning Solar Cooking Solar Dehydration Women Only Urban Sustainability Series Web Making Blog Making


Future Classes